Biography, Gino Carbonaro



     Prof. Gino Carbonaro graduated as Doctor of Philosophy at Rome University, “La Sapienza”. 

     During his working career, he lectured Italian and History, and later he became a High School Principal.

     He is involved in many activities.

     As a writer, he contributes articles on various subjects to the ‘Culture Page’ of a national newspaper called “La Sicilia”, he also wrote and published a book on Sicilian Proverbs and Traditions called “The Woman in Sicilian Proverbs”. 

     To promote local writers, he has edited and published various books. 

     He is also an Art Critic and Musician.
     He studies and collects worldwide folk music. He plays the piano accordion, which he has studied since the age of eleven.

     He has recorded many CDs, including “The County of Modica”, containing traditional Sicilian Accordion Folk Music.

     In his "Blog Page", he has published essays on various subjects such as “The lives of Salieri and Mozart”, “Canova, the sculptur” and “The Argentinean Tango and its  History”.

     On YouTube, he has recorded some of his piano accordion interpretations including some of the most famous  Argentinean Tangos. 

     In 2006 he was invited to visit Japan by the Osaka Cultural Centre to promote Sicilian folk Music in eight different schools. 

     During his visit there, he gave several concerts. 
1. “Kubo” Auditorium & Museum of  
2. “Jubel Hall Theatre”. 
3. “Madama Mura”, a place of spiritual meditation, and 4. 
4.  A private Theatre in Kobe. 

     For 12 years, from 1994 to 2006, he was a member of the jury of the International Competition “Ibla Grand Prize” in Italy.

     He lives in the countryside, just outside the town of Ragusa, Sicily with his Scottish wife, Claire, and their three sons.